Bring Life a Little Closer
To What We Remember,

This time of the year, you should find us outside collecting information to create entertaining and informative content or bringing tech education to underserved kids – but we had to take a P.A.U.S.E in operations to deal with more urgent matters.

Last month, we started producing reusable fabric face mask with interchangeable filters for individuals and non medical essential workers – to help slow the spread and raise enough funds to provide PPE Gear to our medical essential workers and First Responders.

We see the need to speed things up and to get things back to normal or a resemblance of it. As the days get warmer, so do your feet and we know that like us, you want to get moving, eating out some times, shopping at your favorite stores and going to your favorite places or discovering new ones.

All this is not possible until we slow the spread of this virus by continuing to practice physical distancing (6ft apart) and protecting others or ourselves from spreading this virus (with face coverings).

As NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Ellen DeGeneres Show,quote:

“The spread is like fire through dry grass…..”

As the STAY AT HOME lessens and States slowly decrease the lockdown the need to ‘Stop The Spread’ increases – The overwhelming hospitalization and endangerment of ALL essential workers must stop now.

We cannot endure any more pain in the loss of our loved ones or watch others loose their loved ones to.

Protect yourself. Protect everyone else by following the CDC guidelines and be a part of changing the statistics.

We need to be there for each other and do the right thing.